The Birth Well
A suite of offerings specially designed to educate, celebrate and support  you on your birthing journey 
Childbirth Consultations
I provide referrals for midwives (homebirth or hospital based), doctors, doulas, complementary health care providers, birth and parenting classes, books, and other resources.
I help you envision where you would like to give birth, whether it be in a hospital, birth center or your own home.
I assist families in cultivating the tools they need to safely welcome their babies in a peaceful and loving way.
I listen to your concerns, answer questions, offer suggestions, and support your pregnancy and birth in a way that is unique for you.

Some of the most commonly discussed topics:

  * Understanding the nature of giving birth

    * How to create and have a respectful and satisfying birth experience

  * How to write a birth plan

    * What Doctor? Midwife? Home? Hospital?

*How to prepare for a natural birth

*Interviewing and hiring a Doula

*What books to read

*What type of birth education class

*How to include a partner, friend or family member in the birth and preparation

*How family and friends can be supportive before, during, and after the birth

*Ways to take care of oneself as far as exercise and nutrition

*How to deal with various discomforts of pregnancy

*Transitioning into parenthood

*Emotional obstacles to having your desired birth

*How to advocate for yourself when in the hospital

*Baby Shower/ Blessingway planning and coordination

*Relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy, labor and birth

Call or email to schedule your  45 -minute phone consultation.  
The cost for Consultations are love offerings. Pay what feels right for you.
This is a private consultation between myself and the birthing family. 

Once you are pregnant the information can be overwhelming. Perhaps the most difficult part of early pregnancy is understanding the different choices you have, and grasping the pros and cons of each option. I can help you to sift through the information, clarify confusing points, and help you to reach informed decisions about what is right for you and your family. Make this time easier by getting an unbiased and balanced explanation. 

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