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Childbirth Preparation Course Details
Birth Well is an independent source of evidence-based, consumer-driven information, not affiliated with any provider or hospital, empowering you to make the choices that are right for you and your baby. 

Birth Well classes are a richly textured, unique and original, and at the same time grounded in a variety of classic natural birth preparation methods from Birth Works, Birthing From Within and Bradley , and many more. 

What is covered in a Birth Well Class?
Birth Well Childbirth Preparation Series Classes include in-depth exploration of many topics, including:

 ~ Health and wellness during pregnancy- keeping yourself healthy, happy and low-risk;

~ Nutrition- Nourishing your body throughout your pregnancy is nourishing your baby; all you need to know about how nutrition during pregnancy can keep you and baby healthy, improve your labor and birth experience, ease your postpartum recovery and impact your baby's lifelong health. Practical and realistic nutrition tools to get you on the right track;

~ Birth choices- from choosing your provider and birth team to choosing your place of birth, we establish the groundwork for consumerism, empowering you to decide for yourself what is right for you and to make the choices that are best for you and your baby;

~Trusting your body, trusting birth- reframing cultural and social expectations of birth, understand the seamless biological perfection of the natural process of birth and trust the wisdom of your body to know how to give birth;

~Exploring emotions and confronting fears about birth- including emotional recovery for couples with previous birth trauma and emotionally intense issues including fertility difficulties, miscarriage, perinatal loss, cesarean section and traumatic birth experiences. Using a number of different tools, we work through fears, grieve when necessary, and heal, to lay the groundwork for a joyful, fulfilling, empowering birth;

~ Your pregnant body and your developing baby- your pregnancy, your developing baby, prenatal testing, prenatal care;

~ First stage - provides an overview of first stage. Learn how to tell if you're "really" ready to birth, anatomy and physiology of first stage, love hormones and sexuality of birthing, progression of normal birth, variations of normal, emotional signposts of birth, needs of the birthing woman, effectively supporting your partner and working with your baby while birthing

~Gentle Birth- exploring the concept of gentle birth, the value of gentle birth, gentle birth choices that you can make to improve the birth experience for you, your partner and your baby; 

~ Comfort measures-important for couples planning natural childbirth or for those planning to consider pain medications, learn about and practice physical techniques to keep pain manageable, exploring the issue of birthing discomfort, doula tricks and tips for natural childbirth and techniques to reduce discomfort;

~ Health and wellness during pregnancy- keeping yourself healthy, happy and low-risk;

~ Relaxation and visualization techniques- relaxation is key to helping you tune in to and work with your labor, relaxation practice so it becomes second nature- physical, intellectual and emotional relaxation, creating a relaxing environment at your place of birth;

~Second stage --understanding the "pushing stage," active birth, positions for pushing, protecting your pelvic floor;

~ Understanding variations of normal birth, challenges and complications. Learn about labor complications, how doctors, hospitals and midwives treat different complications. Explores obstetric interventions, cesarean section surgery and gives you tools to work with your provider to step outside of routine practices and collaboratively create care that is tailored to meet your needs and your baby's needs; 

~ Constructive collaboration with your birth team- writing a birth plan that works- tools to write an effective birth plan that reflects your needs and expectations, presenting your birth plan diplomatically and working collaboratively with your provider;

~Third Stage of Birth and Postpartum Wellness-with a precious new baby in arms, sometimes it's easy to forget that you're not quite finished yet ;) , learn about 3rd stage, your placenta, common newborn procedures and immediate postpartum care options for mother and baby; 

~Breastfeeding and Caring for your Newborn- learn the basic how-to's of breastfeeding, how partners can effectively support breastfeeding, caring for your new baby, nurturing your relationship during early parenthood.

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