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 Mama Blessing  Ceremony
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A mother blessing is a rite of passage 
celebration for mothers who are expecting, It is a fusion of native american and african traditions. It is performed late in pregnancy and gives the mother not only strength, but also a rich, deeply spiritual connection to the birthing process. 
It is a women’s-only ceremony

 A blessingways brings a spiritual aspect to birth preparation and encircles the mother-to-be with love and support from other women. She is honored for who she is, for giving the gift of life, and for who she will become as she begins this new journey as a mother. She is blessed and honored for her beauty and reminded of her connection to all women. Activities may include (but are not limited to) ritual blessings, belly dancing, meditation, poem, beading and belly casting.

The Birth Well offers the service of planning and hosting a Mama Blessing Ceremony for pregnant women. The fee is $300.  Ceremonies are usually 2-3 hours in length.

The service includes:
    * A meeting to discuss your vision for the Mama Blessing. It can also be a surprise for the mother-to-be, sponsored by friends and family.
    * Creating a guest list, designing and sending out Evite invitations.
    * Planning the event, rituals, and activities. Special extras like henna tattoos and belly casting can be arranged. Separate fees are paid to the artist.
    * Hosting the ceremony and the circle. Events usually take place at the mother’s house or the house of a friend or family member.
    * Organizing the food and refreshments. Most Mama Blessings are potluck, but it’s always fun to have a theme.

 A Mama Blessing may be given in lieu of, or in addition to, a separate baby shower. 

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"Nilajah, Thank you soooo very much for facilitating my birth blessingway the other night. It was such a magical, beautiful and uplifting experience. The sisterhood and love was so abundant on that special evening." Kenyatta M.
Payment Options
Attend our next Mama Blessing Facilitator Training Workshop.
You will learn everything you need to know to plan, organize and facilitate each element of this sacred ceremony.

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