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Birth Assistant Training
What is a Birth Assistant?

A birth assistant (BA) is a trained professional who assists midwives in out of hospital births. The attend births with a midwife in a home setting or at a birth center.
Role of a Birth Assistant
Birth assistant has many roles, but their primary duty is to assist the midwife in whatever means the midwife may need. An assistant performs duties including fetal heart tones, blood pressure checks, charting, setting up equipment, keeping space clean and organized, provide assistance in emergency situations, setting up IV's and medications, and many other duties.
One of the key roles for a birth assistant is to provide for the midwife. A tired midwife is a dangerous midwife and an assistant provides the midwife someone to rely on to give needed breaks, naps, and nutrition while still giving clients needed support from a trained professional.
A birth assistant is not a doula. While they may perform some comfort services for clients their duty is to support the midwife. They also do not provide midwifery duties. They do not perform cervical checks, deliver babies, or provide medical advice.

​What Does This Course Teach?
This workshop includes the following :
• Birth kit supplies, setup and use, and what is expected of a midwife assistant
• Basic sterile technique; packing and sterilizing birthing instruments, and keeping the birth environment clean
• Introduction to charting, record keeping and medical terminology
• Introduction to midwifery assistant skills, including taking blood pressure, vital signs, fetal heart tones and fundal measurements – hands-on with a live model
• Monitoring baby’s fetal heart tone
• The midwife assistant’s role during labor, delivery and immediate postpartum care
• Immediate postpartum care of mother and baby
• Introduction to care and assessment of the newborn
• Helping the breast-feeding mother
• Cultural competency in childbirth and care of women
• Oxygen setup and use
• Birth Emergencies

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