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Belly Casting

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Belly Casting  Workshop
Pregnancy is such a special time. This fun workshop is a great way to bond with your birth partner, friend or doula.  Invite play and creativity into the birth experience while   creating a memorable  work of art.

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Bring your pregnant friend, doula, or client to this "do-it-yourself" Belly Casting Workshop.

Belly castings are the perfect gift for your friend or client. A 3-D replica of her beautiful birthing body she will cherish for years to come.

I will provide all the materials, you provide the belly!
I'll be walking you and your friend through the entire process of creating the actual cast. Cast take about 24 hours to dry. You will be given full instructions on several ways to  decorate and finish your cast at home; including affirmations, collage and painting. No artistic skills required! 

The workshop fee is $60; which includes all supplies, the casting process, refreshments and clean up. 

Next workshop date:  Please send us an email to be informed 
of the next workshop date and location.